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Jet Lag


Traveling through time zones is such an odd thing to comprehend. There’s nothing like the invisible force of jet lag to thoroughly kick your ass.

Currently, it’s 11 p.m. here (8 hours ahead of California time) and I’m somewhere in between feeling like a zombie, and being wide awake. I made the mistake of laying down on my bed at 8 p.m. for what I thought would be a 20 minute nap. An hour and a half later, I woke up in my own drool. Mmm, lovely.

Anyhow, I made it to England! Alive, I might add. I got picked up at the airport by around noon here, and drove out to Cobham (I instinctively went to the right side of the car after loading my bags. Mike raised his eyebrows and jokingly asked if I would like to drive. Nooo thank you), where I’m staying with some family friends.

Somehow, despite the jet lag, I donned a borrowed pea coat and managed a brisk, beautiful walk in the countryside, accompanied by Barbara as my personal tour guide. Though year-round rain isn’t ideal to many, the year-round greenery it yields seems like a fair trade. The new banner on the site is a quick shot that I snapped on the walk today.

My hosts, Barbara and Mike, have been great and helped me get my bearings here already. I’m lucky enough to be able to walk a couple minutes to the train station, the market is close by, and there are some truly beautiful back roads to explore running on! Lucky me.

A couple things I have learned within the first 12 hours or-so over here:

  • Look both ways before crossing the street. I learned this back in preschool or kindergarten, but the whole driving-on-the-opposite side of the road thing can be harder to remember than you would think. I’ve already almost stepped out into traffic a couple times. Gah.
  • There is a ton of history around here, with a lot of the structure of the place resulting from past wars. The flat that I’m at is from Victorian times! And it’s not nearly the oldest around. Brick buildings tend to stick around for awhile, and the English are adamant about preserving them.
  • Afternoon tea rocks. Really though, these people have got the right idea. Tea with a bit of cream, and scones (pronounced sc-ahn-es) with homemade jams and fresh cream are great for a delicious pick-me-up. I could get used to this.

All for now. Rambling. Trying to get to bed. Off to explore London tomorrow!


…one more thing. Apparently I never matured past the age where you stop laughing at the word ‘humps.’ Bahaha. I loved this.


Author: Alia Teixido Gray

I like reading, writing, running, and drinking coffee. Lots of it.

9 thoughts on “Jet Lag

  1. Awesome, Alia! I’m excited to read about your future European adventures! Keep on postin! Oh, and you know what that sign reminds me of?? My Norwegian “farts humper” sign! Haha! You should find a way to bring one back with you and our hump-signs can be friends. . . . once I figure out how to finally get mine here, of course :p.

    • Actually, that was the first thing I thought of when I saw this! We’ll see if I can devise a plan…though my bags are already too full. Hmm. Are you heading to South America anytime soon?

  2. Love it! The field looks gorgeous! Hi to Barb & Mike. I’m looking forward to more posts.

  3. hahahahahah Blake was reading over my shoulder “woke up in my own drool…” I replied, “see… we are best friends” 🙂 And same humor still ahaha. Relax up and enjoy your adventures!! Love you 🙂

  4. So that’s what an official hump looks like…

  5. I love the blog, Alia! I had no idea you were going to Europe until earlier this week. I’m glad you got a chance to have a world-traveling adventure. Maybe on the off chance that you are still in Europe sometime after July 7 we could meet up. You write really well by the way.

    • Thank you! It’s a fun way to keep track of what I’m doing. Just need to catch up on an entry now, but I’m about to hop in a car to Scotland! And I’ll be over here until July 21st, so we should definitely meet up! My email is–I’d love to work something out. Where are you going?

      • I’m flying into Ireland on July 8 but don’t have any set plans until the 18th when I am going to the Netherlands with my parents. I’ll contact you when I get there. Keep on enjoying your travels, and write more blogs!

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