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I’m le tired.

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After a full seven days of constant movement, absorbment (new word) of culture, and countless cups of tea with miniature pastries, I finally was able to take a day of rest, which I took full advantage of.

I woke at 2 p.m. after 12 hours of glorious sleep, and have spent the majority of the day browsing hostels online (I booked my side trip! I leave Thursday for Venice, and then I’ll make my way to Madrid on the 10th. I found one accommodation in Venice that is literally a community of covered wagons. Is it weird that I kind of want to stay there?), drinking tea, eating chocolate, listening to flamenco music in preparation for Spain, doing random yoga poses, and educating Rachel on what a hipster is (she’s moving to San Francisco this Thursday for a real-world job, and needed to be informed). My curriculum basically consisted of showing her YouTube celebrity Dom Mazzetti’s rendition. Fairly accurate, in my opinion.

My big event of the day was a long overdue visit to the post office, where I’m pretty sure I met the town crazy. Maribel introduced herself to me three separate times, told me I had beautiful eyes and hair (as she grabbed a good handful of it), and proposed that we should have lunch and drinks together. She left, telling me to remind her, because she probably wouldn’t remember.

I think I like her.

Unfortunately, I’m too lazy right now to write a full account of the happenings of the rest of time spent with my family in London, but here are some pictures in the meanwhile. I can assure you that no minute was wasted with the Teixido bunch. Complete update coming soon!

Eurocar, eurosign, lock that lovers put on bridges around Europe, and Sophia in front of the flat in Kensington.

I don’t even remember what this is, but it’s gorgeous.

National gallery, watchful eye in birch tree, casual kite flying during closing hours at the national gallery, and the Rosetta Stone (it’s not just a computer program people).

An exhausted Misha bear, Olympic rings, pretty fence, and random boats

My future car, sibling love, and one of the many artistic phone booths

Tea (before I was yelled at for taking pictures, flags in the streets of London for the Olympics, museum, and a breakfast of champion tourists

Re-creation of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, only 200m from the original

London during and after Spain’s victory over Italy in the Eurocup final.



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I like reading, writing, running, and drinking coffee. Lots of it.

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