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On waiting to do another marathon

I’ve gotten asked by a handful of people if I’m now looking to a late fall or spring marathon.

In short: no. There are a couple reasons why.

1. I’m effing tired

I loved this segment of marathon training. This stuff, the long, strength-based work, is my bread and butter. I am in my element.

However, it’s draining both physically and mentally. To give a marathon the focus and dedication that I feel it deserves, I need some time away from it.

As frustrating as it was to have to forego a fall marathon due to a stubborn right foot, I’d rather wait for another one when I have the time to prepare again than rush into one unready to fully tackle the monster of a race.

I really believe that these types of breaks are crucial to me in my pursuit of becoming good marathoner. I’ll be hungry for the training and the racing when it rolls around again, not burnt out.

2. Speed development

Speed has never been the most natural part of the sport for me. It certainly comes around, but I personally feel the need to keep segments of faster training in my seasons of workouts. I don’t want to neglect that part in my haste to post a fast marathon time.

One of those “working on weaknesses” or “opportunities for growth” concepts. We’ve all got at least a couple of ‘em.

Getting back my routine back

For now, I’m re-introducing my body back to the routine of training. I’m able to run on a soft-surface daily and show up to more and more practices, which has improved my mood drastically.

I’m treating this time period as an opportunity to build a strong foundation going into what will become some incredibly busy running months. HTS Elite recently partnered with Jay Johnson’s training group for some general strength maintenance work, which is a perfect time to implement new good training habits.

We’ve only just started, but I think we’re well on our way to becoming super buff distance running machines.

Watch out world.